Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leafy Greens, Eggs, & Tuna Top List of Riskiest FDA - Regulated Foods

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My daughter ate a major brand's Romaine lettuce from a pre-packaged two-pound bag purchased at our local grocery store in Santa Clara County, California, a few days prior to presenting with rectal bleeding and stomach cramps in September of 2007, but no other symptoms. I suspected the Salinas Valley lettuce and called and received a case number from the company that sold it at the time that it happened. I also reported it to the FDA and received a case number from them as well. The FDA transferred the investigator who was working on our case, lost the memorandum, and never investigated the plant. Anyone who has presented with similar symptoms after eating leafy greens from Salinas, California can call me on my cell at 408-386-5761 if they would like to discuss the remainder of the details. I'm looking for other victims to compare notes.

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