Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I just posted comments from anonymous as to how he/she is treating Blastocystis.  It brought me back to my blog inspiring me to write this post.

I have had the following revelations that I wanted to share:  Originally CDC explained to me that Blastocystis was an algae.  We keep water out for our cats in a plastic container that used to hold luncheon meat.  When it is rainy, the plastic container grows green algae.  On a few occasions, I have emptied the water from the container and have experimented with putting vinegar in it and letting it sit in the sun in the window over our kitchen sink.  After a while the algae disappears.  There's three conditions that are met in this at home, elementary experiment:

1.  The water is removed.  Water can be removed from your digestive tract by taking psyllium seed.  My daughter takes Metamucil.  Not the flavored variety, but just plain psyllium seed.

2.  Vinegar needs to make contact with the lining of the plastic container (in this case, your digestive tract).  This can be achieved by taking apple cidar  vinegar, many Italian dressings contain a lot of vinegar, possible balsamic vinegar, etc.  Maybe on an empty stomach, like when you wake up in the morning?  Not sure.  I'm not a scientist or doctor, just a mom trying to figure this all out.

3.  Sunlight?  Think about it.  It provides Vitamin D.  My daughter is always low in Vitamin D.  Low Vitamin D is related to inflammation.  Inflammed colons have rougher surfaces, like the way sanding wood before painting allows the paint to stick easier.

It seems harmless enough to absorb water from your colon using psyllium, take a spoonful of vinegar every so often, and soak in some rays.  Again, I'm not a doctor.  It's up to everyone that reads this to consult with their medical care provider, whether it be a physician, chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath, etc. as to their own treatment.  I'm just sharing a lay person's observations as to living with Blastocystis.

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