Friday, February 26, 2010

Dairy Farmers of America Unite!

Here's an email I wrote to the Dairy Farmers of America. I hope you'll be as amused as I was while writing it. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

It's the end of the world as we know it . . . .
Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet . . . I was born and raised in America. My husband and I both grew up in Santa Clara County, California, a few miles south of San Francisco. We have been married almost two decades. We are college-educated, working, middle-class citizens with three children that have an annoying habit of eating every day. We, all five of us, were your 100% satisfied, lifelong consumers, merrily eating and drinking what you all produce.

On September 11, 2007, my 7 year-old-daughter, our youngest child, started bleeding rectally all of a sudden. After various tests, we learned she had contracted Blastocystis Hominis from contaminated food or water living here in Campbell, California. We never traveled out of the state.

My daughter, Samantha, like many others with IBS, IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns Disease, H pylori, Blastocystis Hominis, and those with food allergies, just to name a few, has been forced to go dairy free. Oh the humanity . . . . Sammy's only nine and she's off of ice cream, cheese, milk, sour cream. To support her in her new diet, my two college sons, my husband, and I have no longer "Got Milk".

I'm not just crying over spilt milk!
Unfortunately, it's only just the beginning, with my daughter's parasitic disease and the dairy-free diet that goes along with it, the milk industry is taking a hit. America doesn't recognize or treat Blastocystis. Like H Pylori, Blastocystis mutates and upsets the flora in your digestive tract. H Pylori interferes with a body's ability to effectively break up lactose. Blastocystis burrows itself into the mucus lining in your colon, thriving off any part of the dairy that doesn't get digested. Both these diseases are aggravated by consuming milk and/or milk products. Since 20% of Californian's now harbor Blastocystis in their digestive track, this is sure to be as big a problem for Dairy Farmers of America as it has been for me.

Who Moved My Cheese!!!
My prediction, and you can search the Internet to support this theory, more and more Americans will be forced to give up dairy to ease symptoms of parasitic infections, allergies, etc. that damage human hosts' digestive enzymes.

Diets around the world lack dairy. I have always believed that it was because of economics, but truth be told, I now believe many populations have excluded dairy due to a lack of tolerance of dairy products caused by damage from parasitic infections.

Veterans, Peace Corp volunteers, realty-show contestants, immigrants, travelers, and those relocating for corporations have brought these little buggers into our system. The United States hasn't kept pace with scientific research and treatment aimed at eradicating these parasites and protecting our digestive tract.

Making it the perfect storm for parasites to take over America, genetically modified seeds have entered our food supply compromising our DNA makeup. We might as well have put out the red carpet and welcomed these parasites with open arms. We are now the perfect hosts. The end result: we can't digest ice-cream! Big profits but at what price?

. . . . And I feel fine.
When given lemons, I make lemonade. I haven't given up hope. My money is on the seed companies that have no problem experimenting with our food supply and rolling the dice on how it interferes with our natural, God-given digestion and absorption process. I also believe a good investment opportunity is in health care, since we are all going to be disease-ridden from our food supply, since our medical doctors treat symptoms rather than underlying "developing country" disease.

Since government agencies and politicians don't seem to care that parasitic infections are interfering with dairy consumption, I wanted to bring my observation to your attention to prevent the inevitable extinction of the dairy farmer.

Please call me if you'd like to discuss the need for American consumers to recognize the existence of these emerging intestinal parasitic infections that prevent us all from enjoying the delicious benefits of dairy. If America would recognize these diseases as prevalent, we could work towards a cure and my daughter Samantha and I could go out for ice-cream, our common guilty pleasure.

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