Monday, March 8, 2010

The Future of Food

Ever since my daughter ingested Blastocystis, I've been trying to understand how this could have happened here in Silicon Valley. While researching issues of contaminated food and water, my sister introduced me to this documentary regarding genetically modified seeds.

Companies have been mutating seeds to be resistant to pesticides without disclosing this fact to consumers who have not been given the opportunity to distinguish these genetically modified seeds from natural seeds. Imagine unsuspecting consumers involuntarily taking part in a nationwide experiment using human beings as guina pigs.

Science fiction? NOT! This is what's been happening here in the United States despite other countries expressing concerns and objecting to GMO consumption. The Future of Food will change the way you think of what you are putting in your mouth. It will spur questions as to the impact of genetically modified food on your health.

Once you watch this video, please research this phenomenum on your own. When you come out of your state of shock, start taking action. Groups like Consumer Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, offers comprehensive information as to the situation. The True Food Network allows consumers to sign up for automated emails with petitions urging politicians to stop the madness.

Please visit The Future of Food website. There you will find a tab entitled GET INVOLVED with links to various organizations working towards food safety. After all, we are what we eat, so wouldn't it make sense to know what exactly it is that we are eating?

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